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Sygnus Guitars is a blog site that is all about guitars and music in general. We talk about everything from beginner guitar lessons to how to start your own band, and we also post reviews of the latest gear on the market. We provide guitar reviews, tips and tricks, gear guides, music news and more. Our mission is to help guitarists of any skill level get the most out of their instrument by providing them with an unbiased source for information on anything from beginner’s lessons to advanced techniques.

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A good player can make any guitar sound good.


We want to create a blog site that is the number one source for guitar-related resources. We are committed to providing quality content, regular updates, and interesting stories from around the community. If you are interested in learning more about guitars or playing guitar better, you've come to the right place.


We are a blog site that features news, tips, and tricks from the guitar-playing community as well as product reviews of gear, software, and more for all ages and for beginners to expert. We will also have a section for instructional content with free resources. In addition to this.

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