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Music and Time

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015

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There are discussions about how the music of this generation has degraded and is of lower value than the songs of years past. Some claim that the old ballads make more sense and are the “real” music because there is a decent tone, rhythm, pitch, and all other factors that categorize something as music. Furthermore they claim that today, there is just but “sound”. There is no harmony and that all these singers do lately is make a bunch of noise and say a bunch of repetitive words that mean very little or have no significant value at all.

On the other hand, patrons of today’s music call their type of music, evolution, an art and a science, that the message need not be heard in the lyrics alone, but also in the music itself. That is why when it is a song of love and passion, it sounds mellow but when it is a song of hate, there is barely any synchronizing tone or rhythm, just as how hate tends to be in the heart of a person.

Both parties of music, the old and the new, have strong points and weak points. And to argue about it would lead to nothing since all those who like old ballads will continue to like them no matter what others may say, and same goes for those that love the new generation of music.

It would help everyone, especially all music lovers out there, if they get to see that there is still something common about the old classics and the new genres of music.

For one, there is still this great devotion to write about the beautiful things like love, happiness and the girl of your dreams. It is this kind of passionate words and sweetness in music that unites all music lovers to appreciate whatever the age of the song and singer may be. Music has always been the song of love and beauty and hope hence to actually hear that in the music of today, no matter how “ridiculous” it may sound for some, the message is love and nothing can ever make that an ugly thing.

The promotion of beauty in music has also become a positive influence in all people, especially the younger generation. Music lovers are choosing to always be healthy and beautiful not because of narcissistic reasons, but because the songs are implying the value of having a good and fit body.

Another thing similar between the music of the past and of this generation is the use of instruments. While it is true that today, the music industry is more equipped with advance music technology, it still does not compare to the music that “original” instruments make, such as guitars, pianos, and drums.

Nothing can ever be the same because time is always changing and moving forward, however, if you just look deeply, you can still see that despite all the differences, similarities can still be seen and appreciated.

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Untold Tale: How my Passion for Guitar and Music Started

Posted by on Jun 13, 2015

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When I was young I grew up with everyone around me turning heads to books. It’s not all that bad but then all I had was the outdoors. It had nothing but people and cars bringing nothing but noise and ruckus. Everywhere I turn to there was nothing but noise overlapping the sweet sound of nature.

There is a nearby jail near our old hometown and I usually stay at a local charity place to help out other people. In this place, some prisoners who are about to be set free from jail, come to this place and help out with the place, doing household chores as their form of disciplinary actions.

I do not remember all of their stories but one. There was this convicted fellow, for murder, who claims that he was set up and had to serve time that wasn’t his.

I for one do not believe anything I hear right off the bat but this guy certainly got to me. I remember the first time I saw him, he had this smile in his face that paints out bliss even though he had to endure all those years.  This smile is for certain that it is not due to his nearing freedom, it was because of something else.

I was really curious of how this man managed to keep that smile.

At around lunch time, when he had his break, I did not see him pick up spoon and fork for he had no food with him and still he smiles. The reason behind this left me in awe. It was when I saw him pick up an old small guitar that I knew how he keeps that smile. He was not alone in this world full of noise. He had his music with him all along.

I wasted no time and sat quickly in front of him without even noticing that I did this out of spite. The music he had with him filled me with joy and I felt a new passion spring out. The sounds coming out from the guitar he was holding got me mesmerized and brushed away my skepticism of this man.

I did not realize how fast time flew by or just how short his break was. He had to go back to doing chores for people leaving me still lost on what to do. As days pass by, I waited for him on the same spot where I saw him hoping that he’ll be there playing his guitar.

The week after he started teaching me how to play the guitar. My fingers are short and stubby so I never really got it at first but he did not give up on me. He spent his breaks teaching me and right before going back to his cell, he’d spend more time teaching me. This went on for a week until he was gone. I learned that he had gone back home to his family that was long waiting for him to come back.

Now I understand why this smile has never left him as it has done on me. My passion for guitars that sprang that day gave me another reason to face this world full of noise and get through the hearts of other people, using only this string instrument known as guitar.

I have built my world, passion and career through guitars, and as I start a new chapter of reinventing this string instrument, I will always remember the day that a very unlikely fellow led me to where I am. today.

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