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Giving Value to Your Guitars as Much as You Value Your Home

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015

Improving your home is a very essential part of living. A comfortable life can be achieved if you have a house that is built and designed to your liking. A beautiful home is also a source of pride and joy. People will see you and the house you built and designed, and they will know how happy and content you are in your life.

As a music lover and a fan of guitars, they way I treat my home becomes a reflection of how I treat myself and my instruments. This is because I know for a fact that my instruments are at home, with me. Meaning, my home does not just protect me and other people I live with, it is also protecting my guitars and other valuables. A demerit on my home is a demerit on my possessions.

To achieve a good home, one has to work for it and provide it with the necessary tools and materials that will keep it strong and steady and fully functional. It’s almost the same as taking care of your own guitar. As you use your guitar everyday, you provide it with the right strings, materials for care, and you give it a proper case, area or room, where it can stay and be well protected. To be able for your guitar to be fully functional, it has to be in a condition of full-capacity. This means, that it has to be just right. Hence, if you suddenly abuse it, you can be sure that it will be a mess, sooner.

Proper home care includes proper foundation, and one aspect of a good foundation is good plumbing. Plumbing is often times a neglected part of the home structure, with people thinking it is an easy task that anybody could just do.

I personally had to learn this the hard way, because a recent incident with my home’s plumbing system got me calling for an Oxford plumber to help me save my possessions, especially my guitars.

From the flow of this story, you can pretty much tell that what happened, but let me tell you anyway., A pipe leaked and I shook it off as an easy problem and just sealed it with one of those commercial seals you see on TV. The next thing I heard was a loud bang and water started pouring out of the pipes like a waterfalls was living under my house. It became a mess, really quick. I did not have a second floor to bring my possessions and my guitars up to, so I was stuck with bringing them to the neighbors while I waited for the plumber I called to arrive.

Good thing they were as quick as the situation called for, and everything came back to normal by the end of the day. Of course they had to come back to do more fixing but at least I was able to stay in my own bed for the night, and my guitars and other valuables were saved from harm.

This event really got me thinking about being more thorough with the needs of my home. Now, I am even thinking, what if there is a fire? What if an earthquake occurs? Can my house survive those? What would happen to my possessions my house gets hit hard by whatever natural or man-made disaster?

In the next few days, I will have my home re-surveyed and inspected for possible problems, and I will act on them immediately, before an actual disaster occurs. You should try doing that too, for your sake and your families. And for your guitars, too, if you have them at home.


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Guitars – How to Properly Store Them

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015

I always make it a top priority to take care of all my electric guitars. Call me weird, but I think of them as an extension of my body and soul. Since I love music and my favorite musical instrument happens to be the guitar, I would always go to great lengths just to keep them safe from harm. I guess because of that one fateful accident, I will forever remember to take care of my guitars and make sure that they are stored in the right place and form.


Around a year ago, I recently brought a really good electric guitar from a good friend of mine. I already have five guitars, but they’re different types though. This friend of mine visited my home after a few days of buying the said guitar. Now, I was careless back then and because I was rushing all over the place to accommodate my friend, I simply left the new guitar inside a cabinet without hanging it with its sling. When my friend arrived, he then asked if he can check out the guitar I brought for him. When I told him it was inside the cabinet, to his surprise, the guitar suddenly fell on top of him and the head f the guitar hit his nose. He was bleeding because of the sharp drop and I immediately helped him up.

That was a really bad day for me because not only did I have to pay for my friend’s hospital bill, but I ended up having a damaged guitar.

Anyway, because of that incident, I made sure that my guitars are kept in a place where sudden drops won’t happen once you open the cabinet. I made sure that the guitars are hanged by the sling and that the hook where I put the sling on is fastened properly. If you don’t have a guitar cabinet, then put some durable hooks on the back of your door and hang your guitar there using the sling.

One reason why I like hanging my guitar on a sling is because this prevents accidents that might damage your guitar. If you leave your guitar on the side, someone might careless step or kick the guitar. And believe me; that is something that you don’t want to see.

If your guitar doesn’t have its own bag or leather case, then you should definitely get one. Most new electric guitars are already sold with it; if this is not the case, don’t worry. You can check online for cheaper ones. Gig bags are a must if you’re going to carry your guitar around for band practice or a live performance. If you’re not using your guitar for a long time, always remember to open the case and do some maintenance for the guitar. Remember to clean and condition the fret board, replace the old guitar strings, and polish the body.

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Music and Time

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015

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There are discussions about how the music of this generation has degraded and is of lower value than the songs of years past. Some claim that the old ballads make more sense and are the “real” music because there is a decent tone, rhythm, pitch, and all other factors that categorize something as music. Furthermore they claim that today, there is just but “sound”. There is no harmony and that all these singers do lately is make a bunch of noise and say a bunch of repetitive words that mean very little or have no significant value at all.

On the other hand, patrons of today’s music call their type of music, evolution, an art and a science, that the message need not be heard in the lyrics alone, but also in the music itself. That is why when it is a song of love and passion, it sounds mellow but when it is a song of hate, there is barely any synchronizing tone or rhythm, just as how hate tends to be in the heart of a person.

Both parties of music, the old and the new, have strong points and weak points. And to argue about it would lead to nothing since all those who like old ballads will continue to like them no matter what others may say, and same goes for those that love the new generation of music.

It would help everyone, especially all music lovers out there, if they get to see that there is still something common about the old classics and the new genres of music.

For one, there is still this great devotion to write about the beautiful things like love, happiness and the girl of your dreams. It is this kind of passionate words and sweetness in music that unites all music lovers to appreciate whatever the age of the song and singer may be. Music has always been the song of love and beauty and hope hence to actually hear that in the music of today, no matter how “ridiculous” it may sound for some, the message is love and nothing can ever make that an ugly thing.

The promotion of beauty in music has also become a positive influence in all people, especially the younger generation. Music lovers are choosing to always be healthy and beautiful not because of narcissistic reasons, but because the songs are implying the value of having a good and fit body.

Another thing similar between the music of the past and of this generation is the use of instruments. While it is true that today, the music industry is more equipped with advance music technology, it still does not compare to the music that “original” instruments make, such as guitars, pianos, and drums.

Nothing can ever be the same because time is always changing and moving forward, however, if you just look deeply, you can still see that despite all the differences, similarities can still be seen and appreciated.

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