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How to Enjoy Music on a Motorcycle

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017

How to Enjoy Music on a Motorcycle

Going for a motorcycle ride certainly has its benefits. Riding a motorcycle allows you to clear your troubled thoughts, as you just enjoy the wind rushing by your face. Another benefit is that motorcycles now allow you to enjoy music while you ride. In the past, you would have only been able to listen to music while you rode in a car. However, recent improvements in equipment and technology has changed that. The following article discusses two different methods of how you can listen to music while riding on your motorcycle.

Ear Buds with Open Helmets

Open Face Helmet


As the name suggests, open face helmets leave your face exposed, and just cover your head. These have a looser feel than full face helmets, which tend to feel snugger around the face. Open face helmets allow you to wear ear buds comfortably. The best open face helmets for you will depend on your specific preferences. Some people definitely prefer this style of helmet because it allows them to hear their music while feeling the cool wind against their face. This feeling is definitely not the same if you were wearing a full face helmet. The major disadvantage with this method is the safety element that comes into play. Although open face helmets are very safe, they are considered to be less safe than full face helmets. It is true that they do not cover your face, however they do give you an increased amount of visibility.

Bluetooth Helmet

Bluetooth Helmet

Helmets have been added to the list of products that can incorporate Bluetooth technology. Riding on a motorcycle can still keep you connected at all times. While you are riding, you can get GPS directions, call a friend, or (most importantly) listen to your favourite tunes. This hands free technology is monumental for motorcycle lovers. With Bluetooth, you do not need to worry about ear buds falling out of your ear. You will need to play with the volume settings in order to find the perfect pitch for you. You may need to increase the sound in order to hear the music perfectly with the addition of the noisy wind. The major disadvantage of having a Bluetooth helmet is that you can easily get distracted. You are so connected to everything that you might get caught up in a dramatic phone call, or something similar. You will need to remember to keep your focus on the road.


Just because you ride a motorcycle does not mean that you need to give up your love for music. You can combine your two passions of motorcycle riding and listening to music. Ear buds with open face helmets and Bluetooth helmets are good alternatives for you. In the end, it all comes down to whichever method you prefer. If you would rather feel more of the wind in your face, you might be better suited to the ear bus with the open face helmet. Otherwise, Bluetooth may be your best bet.

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Guitars – How to Properly Store Them

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015

I always make it a top priority to take care of all my electric guitars. Call me weird, but I think of them as an extension of my body and soul. Since I love music and my favorite musical instrument happens to be the guitar, I would always go to great lengths just to keep them safe from harm. I guess because of that one fateful accident, I will forever remember to take care of my guitars and make sure that they are stored in the right place and form.


Around a year ago, I recently brought a really good electric guitar from a good friend of mine. I already have five guitars, but they’re different types though. This friend of mine visited my home after a few days of buying the said guitar. Now, I was careless back then and because I was rushing all over the place to accommodate my friend, I simply left the new guitar inside a cabinet without hanging it with its sling. When my friend arrived, he then asked if he can check out the guitar I brought for him. When I told him it was inside the cabinet, to his surprise, the guitar suddenly fell on top of him and the head f the guitar hit his nose. He was bleeding because of the sharp drop and I immediately helped him up.

That was a really bad day for me because not only did I have to pay for my friend’s hospital bill, but I ended up having a damaged guitar.

Anyway, because of that incident, I made sure that my guitars are kept in a place where sudden drops won’t happen once you open the cabinet. I made sure that the guitars are hanged by the sling and that the hook where I put the sling on is fastened properly. If you don’t have a guitar cabinet, then put some durable hooks on the back of your door and hang your guitar there using the sling.

One reason why I like hanging my guitar on a sling is because this prevents accidents that might damage your guitar. If you leave your guitar on the side, someone might careless step or kick the guitar. And believe me; that is something that you don’t want to see.

If your guitar doesn’t have its own bag or leather case, then you should definitely get one. Most new electric guitars are already sold with it; if this is not the case, don’t worry. You can check online for cheaper ones. Gig bags are a must if you’re going to carry your guitar around for band practice or a live performance. If you’re not using your guitar for a long time, always remember to open the case and do some maintenance for the guitar. Remember to clean and condition the fret board, replace the old guitar strings, and polish the body.

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