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A Man Who Loves To Collect Guitars

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

Guitar Collection

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Playing guitar has always been my passion. I consider it as an outlet for my emotions. I have different kinds of guitar and every time I go to different places I make sure that I purchase a guitar as a souvenir. Throughout the years of collecting guitars, I have mastered the factors that make a guitar beautiful and worth your penny.

Buy as many as you can

For guitar collectors like me, having as many guitars as possible gives a sense of pleasure. In my guitar collection, I have both the new models and the vintage ones. It does cost me money, but I don’t mind at all.

Get a better version

Whenever I purchase a new guitar, I always make sure that I buy the better version. I always see to it that the guitar I purchased can be used on special occasions. As for me, I record my own song and I also perform. Hence, having a presentable guitar is a must.

Budget allocation

I know that collecting a guitar is quite an expensive passion. I must admit there are times when I feel like I have to sacrifice other important stuff just to buy a new guitar. My usual budget is around $200, but I am willing to stretch my budget a bit more if I feel like the guitar is worth it. Of course, I consider the design, style, and quality of construction.

Currently, I have a total of eight guitars and I purchased them from different places. I have different varieties of guitar such as the single coil electric guitar, humbucker electric guitar, a 12 string acoustic guitar, a steel string acoustic guitar, semi hollow body electric guitar, and a classical nylon string guitar. It took me two years to collect all these types of guitars. It is a long process and I know that my addiction to guitar will not stop here. I am a self-confessed traveller and whenever I visit new places the first thing I look for is guitar.

Collecting a guitar is a hobby that takes self-discipline. A guitar comes with an expensive price tag, especially if you want to collect premier guitars. You have to manage your finances and see to it that you are not sacrificing other things just because of your addiction to guitars. I know it is easier said than done for I myself can’t sometimes control myself. I love my guitars and they are all worth my time and money.

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Living Happy As A Part-Time Wedding Guitarist

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016

Guitarist Collection

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Since I was a kid I have always been dreaming of becoming a guitarist when I grow up. When I was 10 years old, my reason for wanting to become a guitarist was my fascination with guitars (this could easily also be the reason I am so hooked to the sygnus guitar). Now that I am older, my reason for staying a guitarist has changed. Well, of course, I do love playing guitars. For me, it is a form of expressing not only my love for music but my outlet of emotions. Guitars are usually associated with rock and roll and I dwell in that genre a lot. However, I also have great appreciation for other beautiful types of music that guitars make.

Believe it or not, I also part-time as a wedding guitarist. Ironic, you might think, but to me, it is nothing but a chance for me to balance out my life and to keep my guitar skills diverse and appreciative of everything beautiful about guitars and the art of guitar playing.

I am always proud to say that I am also a wedding guitarist and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few more reasons why I love my job as a wedding guitarist:

  • Decent income – My job has enabled me to have a decent income. I’ve been doing it part-time yet I have steady monthly engagements so the income stream is consistent. I am doing the thing I love the most while earning money. Isn’t that cool?
  • Opportunity to see new places – I am a wedding guitarist for five years now and I’m proud to say that I have travelled to different places because of my wedding engagement. Most of my clients marry in romantic out of town places. What I like most is that I get to travel new places for free.
  • Meet new people – Contrary to the stereotype on rock and roll fanatics, I actually love being surrounded by people. Meeting new people and gaining new friends are some of the priceless reasons of being a guitarist. They would usually come to me and tell me how good I am at playing guitars. Some even ask for my business card because they want to hire me as a guitarist.
  • Self-fulfilment- every time I play the guitar, it gives me a feeling of self-fulfilment. I have not finish my college education because of financial constraints. I don’t have a blue-collared job. However, playing the guitar makes me feel like I have accomplished something in my life. I can say that I am a born musician. I do not have any formal training in playing guitars but my love for music has brought me to where I am right now. Seeing the crowd happy every time I strum the guitar string makes me shiver to the bones.

As a wedding guitarist, I can truly say that I have done something good in my life. It gives me a feeling of joy because I get to take part of the lives of two people in love, two people who promised to share the rest of their lives.

And who knows, maybe one day I would get married to, and I know that I may not be the guitarist for the whole wedding event, I will be sure to play at least one fine tune for my future sweetheart during our wedding.

Guitarist Wedding Cake

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Guitar Teacher Finds Happiness in Home for Sale in Oxford, Al

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015

Every weekend I drop off my daughter to her music teacher’s house for guitar lessons. I just learned about the teacher’s good reputation from a friend. She was the only guitar coach around the area who had an actual training in teaching guitar. I think she’s a good one as I saw my daughter’s progress in just a short time. It amazed me seeing my daughter able to play one piece of song through a guitar after three learning sessions.

I am not the kind of parent who is accustomed to talk to teachers and ask them about my child’s performance. But I intended to make a way to know the guitar teacher better. I knew from her accent that she was not from the South. I later learned that she was actually new in the city. She told me that she decided to move to Oxford because it offers a more affordable city living. She escaped the big city’s expensive life because it made her struggle as an emerging music artist. With the $2500 rental for studio apartment along with high cost of food and transportation, she felt that it was difficult to thrive in that city.

She’s much happier now with the new place, the people and her career as a music teacher. Sharing to the kids the beautiful art of guitar music gave her a sense of fulfillment. But performing to a group was really her first love. If there are big offers from pubs and events, she doesn’t hesitate to accept them. Sometimes she’s a teacher by day and a performer by night.

With her decent earnings as a music artist, she can afford to rent an expensive loft or apartment but she preferred to dwell in a cheap small apartment so she can save big. Anyway, she’s been satisfied with her small space where she teaches her students guitar lessons. It’s a place that has been well-maintained by the landlord.

Buying a new house was never a part of her plans when she moved in to the city. But she was tempted by the idea of buying a home when she realized that everything in this city seemed affordable. Just recently, she attempted to use the online house finder and got excited that even the housings have reasonable prices. She had been eyeing on a particular townhouse which was among the homes for sale in Oxford, Alabama. She tried to look into her budget and thought it wasn’t still enough to make a down payment for the house.

She knew that at any time, the house will be gone to another potential buyer. I saw how frustrated she was. I was willing to help her get a real estate agent to give her facts about house loans. But she told me that she wasn’t prepared for this big purchase. She just comforted herself with the fact that there will be great houses in the local market which she can hopefully own in a little more time. This gave her enough reason to accept more gig offers and work harder.

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